Counseling Services

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with children, teens and adults individually and with their families. My style is practical, direct and emphasizes my clients’ strengths. I help clients achieve change by assisting them to shift family dynamics, examine their patterns of thinking, develop skills, and gain insight into their lives.

Typically, the first time I meet with a client I complete a thorough evaluation to help me understand their challenges and resources. Clients can usually expect a summary of my impressions at the end of our first meeting as well as strategies to help them reach their goals.

My areas of specialty include managing anxiety and depression, school struggles, family conflicts, adjusting to divorce, and substance abuse.


“Howard really served as a bridge so that I could better understand my child and she could better understand me. Our life is easier now.”

–parent of a middle school girl.

“I really like talking to Howard. I can talk to him about stuff I can’t with other adults.”

–16 year old client

“I found Howard’s guidance to be straightforward and useful.”

–Adult client

New client intake