Workshops & Presentations

Parent Education

What, Me Worry? Supporting our Children in an age of Increasing Anxiety
Coaching Your Child Toward Positive Peer Relationships
Helping Your Gifted Child Find Balance
Strategic Fathering
What About Boys?
Creating Safer Schools: The Role Parents Play in Reducing Teasing
Risky Business
The Power of Parent School Collaboration
It’s Getting Hot in Here: Anger and Conflict in Families
Helping Boys Succeed as Students: The Role That Parents Play
Boys and Girls Side by Side
The Owner’s Manual for Raising Teens: What Really Matters
Why Can’t We Just Get Along? Creating Positive Sibling Relationships

School Staff Development

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Creating Safe School Climates
Increasing Parent Involvement
Boys and Education
Enhancing Father Participation in Schools

Events for Youth

Making Schools Safer for Students
Peer Helper Trainings
Boys Days

Mr. Hiton is also available for Conferences, Keynotes and Consultation.