School Staff Development

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

This workshop shares information about the prevalence of drug use among school aged children, the role that school staff play in initiating change among drug using students, and most successful intervention techniques.

Creating Safe School Climates

More and more we understand that creating safe school climates begins with preventing teasing and harassing behavior and seeing such behavior as a point on a continuum of violence. This workshop takes a systemic look at school climate issues, discussing the importance of school policies and the roles school staffs, parents and students play to make schools safer.

Increasing Parent Involvement

Parent school collaboration has been shown to increase students’ commitment to education, lead to higher school achievement, reduce school problems, and reduce high risk behaviors. This event highlights the research in support of parent school collaboration and shares ideas for increasing parent participation.

Boys and Education

Many aspects of schools are not sympathetic to boys relational and learning styles. This workshop which can be adapted to run from 3 hours to a full day examines the data on how boys are doing in schools, reviews boys unique developmental issues, and shares strategies for incorporating more movement into the classroom, utilizing literary strategies that tend to work for boys, improving boys relational capacity, and managing elements of violence and humor in boys’ writing.

Enhancing Father Participation in Schools

Schools are in a unique position to disseminate information about the importance of father participation in children’s learning. Often increased father participation can be accomplished through activities such as an evening scavenger hunt with children, strategically utilizing fathers as volunteers and, intentionally requesting that fathers read with their children.