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BAM! Boys Advocacy and Mentoring

A Guidebook for Leading Strengths Based Boys Groups
by Stephen Grant, LCSW; Howard Hiton, MS LPC; Peter Mortola, Ph.D.

Utilizing strategic storytelling and physical challenges, BAM! (Boys Advocacy and Mentoring) groups offer a strengths based experience exposing school-aged boys to new perspectives on what it means to be male, and helping them to build the relational skills they need to be good men. The curriculum is based on our experience offering BAM! groups at a local elementary school over the past 6 years.

158 pages | Price: $34.95

Complimentary Publications

The following publications are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). Viewing them requires the Acrobat Reader program, a free download from Adobe.

Building On Strengths: Helping Boys Succeed in Portland Public Schools (3.7MB)
A report commissioned by Portland Public Schools to summarize boys’ academic achievement and make recommendations for helping boys improve their school performance.

Connecting With Boys (40KB)
Simple and practical strategies for enhancing communication with boys.

What We Can Do For Boys (32KB)
Suggestions for supporting boys in their schools, families, and communities.

The Owner’s Manual for Parenting Teens (32KB)
Big ideas and practical tips regarding parenting teens.

Life WITH Father (32KB)
An article focusing on the importance of father presence in childrens’ lives.

Coaching Your Child Toward Healthy Peer Relationships (57KB)
Thoughts on the role parents play in promoting positive social lives for their children.

Strategic Fathering Tips (24KB)
Simple strategies for being a more intentional father.

Resources For Professionals Working With Boys (36KB)
A collection of print, video, and web site resources for professionals who work with boys.

Resources For Parents Regarding Boys (20KB)
A collection of print, video, and web site resources for parents of boys.